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Who We Are

AMATEA is a for-profit socially aware and socially responsible company with a vision and mission of social betterment: Positive Social Change. We strive to bring value to and connect with all stakeholders—customers, employees, partners, communities—for the greater good of our client’s mission and our society.

We are Problem Solvers.  We assemble an interdisciplinary team of subject matter experts from key disciplines to create optimal solutions that are sustainable and take into account the “lived experience” of stakeholders.

We are Change Brokers™: Brokers of personal, organizational, technological, social, and cultural change. We provide Management Consulting and Technology Solutions worldwide, across linguistic and cultural domains.

We work toward Positive Social Change.  We apply management and information and communication technology (ICT) solutions to social problems: ranging from defining and automating business processes for an organization to creating an anti-kidnapping tracking system for a country. We actively seek to address issues of social concern in the areas of human rights, human trafficking, women in development, rural development, and emergency response, among others.


About Us

The Hallmark of Our Practice: “Care and Concern”

  • We labor with care and concern on behalf of our customers. We apply care and concern to all that we do.

  • We establish positive relationships with all stakeholders for the good of the mission.

  • We apply a portion of our earnings on projects that empower communities—for the good of our society, our world.


AMATEA is committed to making a positive impact in local and global communities. We actively support Goal 4 of the Sustainable Development Goals – Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning, through advocacy, volunteerism, and charitable giving of a portion of our proceeds.


AMATEA is proud to support–

  • Touching Heart. AMATEA is a proud Compassion Sponsor at Touching Heart. Through the Touching Heart Kids on a Mission Program, children are empowered to put compassion into action by hosting a fundraiser or donation drive of their choice to benefit others in need in the Fairfax County Foster Care Program, the Embry Rucker Shelter, the Loudoun County Homeless Shelter, and orphanages worldwide. The Touching Heart After-School Program brings compassion into the classroom through an 8-week curriculum emphasizing kindness, raising awareness about children in need in all parts of the world, and introducing students to the concept of philanthropy.

  • Empowerment International.  Empowerment International offers a series of community-based, holistic educational programs to children and their families in two extremely impoverished communities in Nicaragua.  To help keep poor, young children from remote villages in school, Empowerment International performs daily home visits to encourage and support parents to enhance their children’s education. During these visits, counseling and emotional support are provided to help parents find solutions to barriers that prevent children from attending school.


Founded by Dr. Amat, a sociocultural anthropologist, AMATEA integrates the latest social science theories and methods with state-of-the-art technologies to reach optimal solutions that are sustainable and take into account the “lived experience” of stakeholders on the ground.

The name AMAT is third person singular of the Latin, AMATUS, to love: Amo, amas, amat, amamus, amatis, amant. AMAT Enterprise Associates (AMATEA) is an interdisciplinary consulting firm guided by the desire to put technology at the heart of positive social change.  The AMATEA logo represents our passion for positive social change.

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