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Social Mission

AMATEA offers Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for Positive Social Change. Aligned with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in support of the Sustainable Development Goals, we offer ICT solutions worldwide for various development, human rights, transparent governance, and humanitarian assistance activities. We innovate new solutions that are sustainable and take into account the “lived experience” of stakeholders on the ground.

AMATEA responds to issues pertaining to:

Social Justice

Equality / Equity

Human Rights / Equal Rights

Governance / Democracy

Underserved and Underrepresented Communities




Social Mission


AMATEA offers agile software development, big data analytics, cloud, database, information sharing, fusion center, and cyber security solutions to support our customers as well as social mission activities.

AMATEA leads an IT Social Mission Consortium to apply new technology solutions to social problems.  IT Social Mission Consortium areas of expertise address human trafficking, smuggling, kidnapping, cybercrime, rural development, and emergency response, among others.



AMATEA offers program and project management, to include program development, implementation, monitoring, and reporting.  Our Project Management Office (PMO) offers a high level of experience and expertise in various disciplines to successfully support our customers’ projects.



Our PMO of senior-level program and project management experts maintains professional certifications in several disciplines.


Our senior-level program and project management professionals are experts in Information and Communication Technology, Foreign Language Translation and Communications, International Project Management, and Construction Services Project Management.

Worldwide Support

Our team deploys technology solutions and laboratories worldwide, providing in-country network engineering, configuration, management, maintenance, training, and support in more than 40 countries.


Our experts hold industry certifications to provide specialized management and technology consulting and support: PMP, CFE, CISSP, CEH, CFCE, SCRUM, ITIL, and more.

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