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Change Brokers™| Personal, Organizational, Technological, Social, and Cultural Change

AMATEA founder Dr. Amat is a sociocultural anthropologist with a mission for social betterment—applying solutions to promote positive personal, organizational, technological, social, and cultural change.

AMATEA promotes Positive Social Change aligned with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in support of the Sustainable Development Goals, whenever applicable. By establishing relationships of trust with industry experts, AMATEA responds to complex problems requiring an integrated, interdisciplinary, and global team.



Personal & Organizational Change

Dr. Amat integrates HeartMath techniques and technology into her daily living and practice of meditation, contemplation, and formation in Carmelite spirituality. As a HeartMath® Certified Mentor, she encourages heart-centered approaches to authentic leadership, business, and social interactions with stakeholders—customers, employees, partners, communities.

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The Resilient Heart™: Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath Certification

Technological Change

AMATEA leads an IT Social Mission Consortium to apply new technology solutions to social problems.  IT Social Mission Consortium areas of expertise address human trafficking, smuggling, kidnapping, cybercrime, rural development, and emergency response, among others.

Social & Cultural Change

AMATEA is committed both to applying technology solutions worldwide for various development, human rights, transparent governance, and humanitarian assistance activities and to making a positive impact in local and global communities.  We innovate new solutions that are sustainable and take into account the “lived experience” of stakeholders on the ground.

Personal and Organizational
Social and Cultural
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